About the faculty

Improving health and well-being

Health science research at Aalborg University started over 30 years ago.

Its start in 1978 was linked to Professor Annelise Rosenfalk and engineering. This link between health science and engineering formed the basis for the Department of Health Science and Technology (HST) in 2002 and new health science programs.In 2010, the Faculty of Medicine (SUND) was established as a spin-off of the Faculty of Engineering, Science and Medicine (INS) with the HST as the foundation.

In 2013, the faculty established the Department of Clinical Medicine in collaboration with Aalborg University Hospital. Today, the faculty thus also conducts clinical research at the university hospital and the region's hospitals. The faculty is responsible for the regional health science research.

The Faculty of Medicine consists of the Department of Health Science and Technology; the Department of Clinical Medicine; the Doctoral School of Medicine, Biomedical Science and Technology with three programs. 

The Faculty has 14 health science programs (master 's, continuing education master’s and bachelor’s programs).

The faculty management consists of the Dean’s Office, department heads, the head of school and the director of studies.