Laboratory Animal Science EU Function ABD (formerly FELASA Category C)

Aim and content The course is a function A/B/D course according to the EU Directive 2010/63/EU Article 23.2 (previously designated category C), accredited by the Federation of European Laboratory Animal Science Associations (FELASA) as well as the Ministry of Environment and Food under the Danish Government.

Last modified: 16.11.2017

The course gives practical and theoretic introduction to handling, housing and using laboratory animals and how to replace, refine and reduce the use of live animals for research.

After completed course, the participant will get a FELASA accredited certificate from the University of Copenhagen, and will be registered in the European FELASA database. The participant will thus be entitled to achieve a personal license to independently plan, implement and take responsibility for the design and performance of animal experimentation within the European Union according to the EU Directive 2010/63/EU Article 23.2 and the Danish executive order 12 of 07/01/2016, §56.

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