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For PhD Supervisors

Information for PhD Supervisors

 As a PhD supervisor you are responsible for a number of elements related to the individual PhD projects. Initially it is important that you clarify your expectations with the student in question. A miss-allignment at the commencement of the PhD project may led to unresolvable issues later on.

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INITIAL procedures

It is adviced that a discussion between the PhD student and the main supervisor clarifies the following topics as a minimum:

  • Aim and purpose of the project
  • Mutual expectations
  • Supervisor - student role

It is expected that the supervisor plays an active role in relation to creating the 2 month PhD plan. This is a crucial step for any PhD project and furthermore presents a good opportunity for the PhD student and supervisor to clarify mutual expectations. The paradigme provided by the doctoral school must be applied.

In general the PhD supervisor has the primary academic responsibility for a successful implementation of the PhD plan and for the formal conditions of the individual PhD project. 

During the phd study

The supervisor must take active part in the PhD study and ensure that a number of criteria are kept. This includes a good scientific level and good scientific conduct. Information regarding the PhD plans is found here. Please remember to include information regarding the pre-defense in the 11 month updated PhD plan. 

As a supervisor you are obligated to complete a progress report for each PhD student. In addition to this you must take part in the 11 month pre-defense and the updated PhD plan. You are obligated to ensure that the PhD students progresses according to the timeframe provided in the initial and updated PhD plan.

Should you encounter difficulties in relation to the supervision of a PhD student, that you cannot solve amongst yourselves, please contact the PhD Study Director. It is important that action is taken as soon as possible in order to risk that the PhD study is terminated. In addition the supervisor must attend to the following:

  • Assess applications for leave of absence, excluding parental leave.
  • Cooperate with the head of doctoral program and relevant department on the PhD project in question.


Finishing the phd study

When the thesis is handed in for assessment, the supervisor must provide a completed and signed "supervisor statement". The template found here must be applied. This must be delivered no later than when the thesis is handed in. The assessment procedure is not initiated until this statement is approved by the PhD study director.

As the PhD study nears completion, an assessment committee must be established. Traditionally this task is handled by the supervisor in cooperation with the relevant department. The department is responsible for forwarding the suggestion for the assessment committee to the doctoral school within the given deadlines. The rules and regulations in relation to the creation of the assessment committee is found here. The link also provides you with information regarding the preliminary and final assessment.




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