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Part time PhD

Part-time PhD Programme in Innovation and Technology Management

Many managers experience that their day-to-day life offers limited opportunities for reflection and inspiration. Especially managers dealing with technology are confronted with a continuous pressure to both exploit available business opportunities and explore new ventures.

A part-time PhD program in Innovation & Technology Management

We recognise that it is difficult or impossible for many people, especially those working in industry, to study and work full-time for a PhD. Offered jointly by three prominent European universities, the part-time PhD programme in Innovation & Technology Management (ITM) provides an opportunity for reflection and for estab¬lishing a platform for the future career of its participants. It involves carrying out research related to innovation and technology development and management in practice under guidance of internationally renowned university supervisors and supported by relevant PhD courses.

Target group

The programme is targeted at practitioners working in product and/or process research, development and engineering, with a Master’s degree in a relevant discipline, for example science, technology, engineering or management. A brochure with further details on the qualification criteria will soon be available here.


The program will normally last five years on a part-time basis. The program consists of two phases:

  • A two-year course-based phase – to be completed with a plan (research design) for the second phase.
  • A three-year research-based phase – leading to a PhD degree in accordance with the formal requirements of a regular PhD programme at international level.

Although the participants are strongly encouraged to enter the second phase and pursue a PhD degree, it is possible to opt out after completion of the first, course-based phase. In that case, the first phase is completed with an industry-relevant assignment.


The tuition covers admission to PhD courses and supervision, and amounts to € 11.800 per year, totaling € 59.000.

Further information
Contact Professor Harry Boer (hboer@business.aau.dk) for information on the programme.


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