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Program Outline

The PhD program consists of two parts.

The first two years – courses and thesis:

The main activities in this first period concern:

  • Definition of a relevant set of issues on the basis of literature studies and analyses in your company. This should include an analysis of the strategic challenges related to innovation and technology management.
  • A study of an issue in or related to your company, for example the description and analysis of a case story, an analysis of the technological development in a relevant area, or a survey of R&D management practices.

In addition, a range of PhD courses provide the foundation for research design.

The first period is estimated to last two years on a part-time basis. Upon the successful completion of a thesis, a certificate as proof of completion will be awarded.
The last three years – research and PhD thesis:

  • Studies of a relevant and complex issue placed in a broader context and based on different schools of thought and empirical studies primarily in or related to your company. The study should be experimental and innovative in nature.

The second period is estimated to take three years and will preferably be documented by a number of published papers that form the core of the PhD thesis. Successful completion of this phase will lead to a PhD degree.

In addition to research related activities, personal development is an important part of the programme. The PhD programme is dedicated to developing your research skills as well as your leadership, innovation and entrepreneurial competencies.

Core activities

Each of these phases is organised around a range of activities.


To stimulate mutual exchange of ideas and experiences, periodic workshops will be held with themes of common interest. One of these workshops will be organised as an ‘innovation camp’ in which you work intensively together with university faculty and other experts as well as undergraduate students.
Research seminar and conference participation

International conferences provide an excellent forum to present and discuss research papers, and to network with other researchers in the field. In addition, many conferences today are preceded or followed by PhD workshops or seminars. Senior staffs at the partner universities are in the faculty of several of these seminars. Attending them offers an excellent opportunity for exchange of research ideas and findings with fellow students and renowned researchers.


Developing and writing research notes, working papers, conference papers and journal articles together with fellow students, intensively supervised or even co-authored by faculty members, constitutes a key part of the programme, especially for those who will develop an article-based PhD thesis.

Initially mostly course-related and, later on, research-oriented but company-relevant assignments are the core of the programme and the basis for different kinds of publications expected from the participants.
The company-based research assignments will be presented to and reviewed by the programme faculty as well as company representatives.

Two supervisors, one with a research background in the technical subject area, the other in technology management, will be in touch with you throughout the five year period, using periodic meetings and electronic media. They will also be actively involved in your writing and research activities. Together with you they will have regular contacts with representatives of your company.
Intervision and coaching

You will work with your peers and trainers to assess your personal strength and learning ambitions, and those of the entire team. These strengths and ambitions are translated into the underlying competences to be developed, and subsequently into an Individual Development Portfolio. You put this portfolio into action, supported by a personal coach and a mentor of your own organisation. Intervision and coaching will also be an integrated part of the scheduled supervisory meetings.

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