VBN - Thesis Submission

All PhD theses at Aalborg University must be submitted for assessment through the VBN portal 


Prior to beginning the actual writing on your PhD thesis it is advised that you familiarize yourself with the requirements in relation to the format. A full overview is found here. A threshold for minimum requirements is set, this is to be met in order for the thesis to be handled through the VBN system. If you have any questions regarding the format, consult the website initially. If the issue remains unresolvable contact “forlaget”. It is required that your thesis follows the formatting guidelines.

The VBN office provides fixed templates for a variety of formats. These are found here:  These are not mandatory to use.

When writing your thesis as a collection of papers, the Doctoral School recommends that your kappa does not exceed 40-60 pages.

Allthough it is allowed to incorporate findings from your articles in the kappa, this should be kept at a minimum. When doing so, it is required that you apply references towards your own material.

it is required that you upload two documents:

  • A thesis containing all articles - this will be sent for assessment
  • A document without articles for publication on VBN (no publication can also be selected when submitting)

Requirements from the doctoral school

Before uploading/submitting your thesis the following elements must be in order:

  • Assessment committee: Your assessment committee must be established and approved. You will receive information from the Doctoral School once this matter is handled. It is your supervisor and department that arranges this.
  • Co-author statements: If your thesis is a collection of papers you must have submitted co-author statements for all included articles to the doctoral school. Once these are approved by the PhD Study Director you are informed by the doctoral school.
  • Your supervisor must have submitted a supervisor statement to the doctoral school. Once this is approved by the PhD study director you are informed by the doctoral school.
  • You must have submitted a declaration concerning good scientific practice to the doctoral school.
  • If you wish to have your thesis published on VBN you must always submit a reduced version without articles for this purpose.


Once you have uploaded your thesis is is considered as beeing submitted. It is therefore crucial all references and so on are entered correctly. You are not able to enter the thesis in any way or form once it is submitted.


Copy-pasting materials from your own articles without applying proper references is considered as questionable research practice and is not in accordance with the guidelines of Faculty of Medicine, AAU. The automatic scan for plagiarism will detect the text similitude and the Doctoral School will forward the thesis to the AAU committee for good scientific practice. This will lead to a significant delay in relation to the defense. Moreover, the thesis will have to be revised if the practice committee finds that you violated the rules. Therefore, it is important to remember that the kappa must be written as an independent publication and cannot consist of material that is copy-pasted from published material or your own (unpublished) papers. 

The Doctoral School has developed a set of good advice in relation to good scientific practice - please read them carefully before submitting.

Please consult this thorough description of VBN requirements.

Your responsibilities in relation to this process are found here.

Guidelines online PhD defense