Financial support for studies abroad

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External research 

As part of your PhD study is is required that you have some form of external collaboration. The Doctoral School recommends this is done through an external research stay at a university, research institution or organization.
This can be done through several short stays or trough one long stay

Applications for financial support in connection with studies abroad should be submitted to the Doctoral School. The application form must be duly filled out and signed by both the applicant and the supervisor. By signing the application, the supervisor annotates the application with a positive recommendation. Please note that the application should be submitted well in advance and no later than one month prior to the commencement of studies abroad.

The support covers own transport, tuition fees and an amount to cover own expenses for food and small necessities according to the rules in the Tax Assessment Act (Ligningsloven) Section 9 A. According to AAU’s internal guidelines the amount is maximum 5.000 per month when travelling between 3 and 6 months. When travelling 1-3 months it is possible to receive 3.000 per month. When accompanied by spouse/cohabitor and child(ren) the monthly amount for the PhD student can be increased by 1,000 DKK and 500 DKK per child.The monthly grant is paid in advance and calculated relatively according to the whole duration of the study abroad.

In addition to the above an extra 3000 dkk can be granted for documented expenses for rent.

The amount is paid as an advance. Therefore a final settlement with the university must take place immediately upon return (no later than 10 work days after return according to AAU’s guidelines). It is extremely important that this deadline is met in order for AAU to comply with SKAT’s guidelines for correct filing.

In some cases it is possible to obtain a tax deduction (Differencefradrag). However it is not possible to calculate this before the end of the stay abroad and final settlement with the university. If you wish to take a tax deduction (and are eligible to a deduction) the Doctoral School must be contacted.

The application for a tax deduction takes place by contacting SKAT directly bringing along the final settlement from AAU (Please do not contact SKAT before talking to the Doctoral School).

For more information contact Britt Søe Bisgaard

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