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PhD Coach

There is a possibility for assistance and support through PhD Coaching at the Faculty.
The challenges are many, doing a PhD, and therefore the Doctoral School of Engineering and Science have launched a coaching initiative for PhD students at the Faculty of Engineering and Science. The ambition is that coaching will support the process of the project and the wellbeing of the PhD student.

Coaching is a process oriented dialogue between a coach and a PhD student aiming at enhancing the reflections, potentials and actions of the PhDb student. The overall goal is to facilitate the development of good working routines and satisfactory work relations, in order to keep up motivation and use time and resources in an effective manner during the entire research project.

You can get more information about the initiative and the coach in the leaflet here.

You can access this service by contacting the coach directly.
Normally you can expect to get an appointment within a week or 14 days.

PhD Coach and Assistant Professor Pia Bøgelund

Department of Planning
Mobile: (+45) 31313397
Email: pb@plan.aau.dk

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