PhD Courses

According to the requirements defined by the Ministerial Order on the PhD Programme, a PhD study programme must include organised course activities of one half of an academic year's duration. This is deemed to be equivalent to 30 ECTS credits. In some cases, conference participation can be considered equivalent to course activities. This necessitates that the PhD student produces a thorough report from the conference and that the PhD supervisor provides a written statement that the conference participation is equivalent to course activity. Course activities can include courses offered by Aalborg University or by other institutions, e.g., as part of a research co-operation. As a special possibility the doctoral school offers the possibility for project related self studies.

10 ECTS must be allocated to general PhD courses and 10 to specific PhD courses. The remaining 10 ECTS can be distributed between the different methods.

A total of 6 ECTS can be obtained from conference participation and alike.

The following provides you with an overview of the different approaches to PhD courses during your study:

PhD courses at AAU

Study Circles

REPS PhD courses at the University of Southern Denmark

All PhD courses offered in Denmark. These are generally free of charge but a fee can be charged for material and catering.


Course fund

The Doctoral School has created a course fund that PhD students can apply to for funds to cover expenses in connection with PhD courses held outside Aalborg University. The course must take place in Denmark, be organized by a Danish Doctoral School and provide at least 1 ECTS credit. In 2016 a limited number of applications can be approved on a first come, first served basis.

Who can apply?

PhD students enrolled in the Doctoral School at the Faculty of Medicine. The course for which funding is being sought must take place within the set duration of the study.

What can you apply for?

Support will be given for one return trip
Maximum 3-night hotel stay
Per diem allowance is not provided

How do you apply?

The application must be sent to the doctoral school by e-mail:

The application form is available here

Contact Information


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