Supervisor Responsibilities

The PhD supervisor's responsibilities

The PhD supervisor is appointed from among the Facultys full-time academic (professor, reader or associate professor) staff. The PhD supervisor must be a member of the staff of The Doctoral School. Members are appointed by the PhD study director following an assessment of documentation regarding the individual staff member's ability to provide the necessary supervision. It is mandatory for newly employed Associate Professors/Professors, who have no experience in PhD supervision, to complete the supervisor course which the Doctoral School offers once a year. The one exception to attend the course demands documentation for completed participation in the "Assistant Professor Course" or equivalent qualifications.

In general, the PhD supervisor has the primary academic responsibility for the organisation and the implementation of the study programme and must ensure that the formal conditions of the programme as laid forth in the Ministerial Order on the PhD programme are met.

The PhD supervisor must attend to the following:

  • Provide professional guidance and supervision regarding both the research project and the components of the PhD course of study.
  • Ensure that the PhD student acquires experience in the communication of scientific knowledge.
  • Ensure that the PhD student becomes a member of active research groups or networks not only at the enrolling institution, but also outside this institution, e.g. through stays at other, primarily foreign, research institutions.
  • Provide guidance regarding the choice of course activities.
  • Co-operate with the doctoral programme head and the relevant department on the PhD study programme.
  • No later than 2 months after the date of employment, prepare a PhD study plan in co-operation with the PhD student and forward it to the Head of the Doctoral Programme. Included in the study plan is the establishment of an agreement on the above topics with the student.
  • Before completion of the first year of PhD study, prepare an updated study plan in co-operation with the PhD student describing the academic progress and indicating the undertakings during the rest of the programme. The updated study plan must be approved by the supervisor and forwarded to the Head of the Doctoral Programme.
  • Ensure that the PhD student is making progress according to her/his approved study programme and submit a declaration to the Doctoral School stating whether the performance of the PhD student is satisfactory or not.
  • Assess the relevance of conference participation, stays abroad, etc.
  • Assess applications for leave of absence.
  • Approve course activities equivalent to 6 months. This is converted by the Faculty to 30 ECTS credits (The estimated workload for the student is 28 hours per ECTS credit.)
  • Organise the final evaluation in accordance with the stipulations in the Ministerial Order.
  • When the PhD student submits the thesis for evaluation, the supervisor submits a statement to the Faculty about the contents of the PhD study programme and whether it has been followed satisfactorily.