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Post Doctoral Training Program

the program is currently not available


In 2012, the Faculty of Medicine at AAU launched a formalised post-doctoral training program. The post-doctoral training program is aimed at high calibre young post-docs undertaking clearly defined and challenging research supported and mentored by senior science experts. In Denmark, there is a lack of focus on the post-doctoral period although it is clearly the second step in qualifying for an academic career.

Grand objectives within the Post-doc program:

  • Attain an expert level within clinical/biomedical/life science research
  • Develop and promote didactic skills within the field of medicine and related fields
  • Promote research management skills
  • Understand strategies and procedures in research funding / grant applications
  • Gain insight in innovation and business development

Post-docs in the program are expected to:

  • Participate in full-time research to gain an expert level
  • Participate in courses, seminars, and journal clubs
  • Write grant proposals
  • Encourage involvement in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching

The competitive training program will focus on career development (e.g. personal development plan), research and project management, networking, writing grant applications, and pedagogical skills through mentoring and dedicated course activities. Evaluations based on post-doc presentations and review of research plans will be implemented.

Apply for Enrollment

Download the application for enrollment found here. No deadline as this current time.

Please contact the doctoral school if you have any questions.

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Contact Information

E-mail: aauphd@adm.aau.dk

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9220 Aalborg East

Phone: +45 9940 9638