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Intellectual Property Rights and Spin Outs in biomedical and life science


Head of Section, Morten Dahlgaard, AAU Innovation

This two-day course will provide insights and tools in business development within biomedical and life science. The first day will focus on identifying and qualifying the commercial value of your research. Various types of intellectual property (IP) and the strategic use of same will be introduced. How to handle IP in the business development process and how to protect and commercialize technology or products within biomedical and life science will be covered. Case stories from Aalborg University and Danish industry on different approaches when going from science to business will be presented.

The second day will provide specific knowledge on how to address commercialization through a business model approach. There will be an introduction to the business model canvas and the identification of key value propositions in venturing. Business models within life/biomedical science and considerations on models addressing the public health industry will be introduced. Finally, insight into how capital providers such as seed capital and venture capital evaluate commercialization potential, business plans and business models of life/ biomedical science companies will be given. The course is concluded by participants preparing a report on commercial value of their own research and a viable business model for a possible venture.


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