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Practical Information

Practical issues

  • The program is administrated by the Faculty of Medicine (The Doctoral School)
  • The Post-doc time is defined as a 2-year research training period.
  • One mentor is appointed.
  • Prerequisites for enrolment in the post-doc program: Completed a PhD degree and secured a 2 year research period at a hospital or university. Enrolment is based on application.
  • The Faculty of Medicine issues a diploma after the qualifying period has been completed and course work passed
  • The programme is initiated each year. The courses in the programme may change from year to year.


Post-doctoral courses will be provided on an annual or biannual basis allowing the course programme to be completed within 2 years. A total of 8 ECTS credits will be provided through courses on teaching and student supervision (5 ECTS), funding (2 ECTS), and intellectual property (1 ECTS).

A description of the courses is available here.

Apply for the Post doc program here