AAU logo



AAU primary logo

The Aalborg University logo can be downloaded from the page AAU designguide (in Danish only).


Logo colours

The logo can only appear in blue or white, as shown below. In individual cases with printing limitations, dispensation can be given to use black instead of blue.


Faculties, departments and schools have the option of using sublogos. These can be obtained by contacting SUND's design coordinator, Lone Bechmann at lbec@adm.aau.dk or 9940 2011.

Rules for the use of sublogos at SUND

We recommend that employees use AAU's primary logo in all externally directed material. However, it can be advantageous to use local logos for signage and labeling of buildings and locations, as well as presentations. However, everyone must follow the following guidelines.

Sublogos are not to be used in

- E-mail Signatures

- Letterhead and envelopes

Development of own logos

According to the Rector's statement, university departments/units will no longer be permitted to develop their own logos.