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AAU Professor Receives Novo Nordisk Award

AAU Professor Receives Novo Nordisk Award

Last modified: 22.02.2016

Two out of three Danes over the age of 55 are affected by cardiovascular diseases. And because of more stress, more unhealthy food and less exercise the proportion is markedly increasing. Nevertheless, the number of deaths from cardiovascular diseases has been almost halved over the past 20 years. A large share of the credit goes to Christian Torp-Pedersen, Professor at Aalborg University's Faculty of Medicine, and who is therefore receiving the Novo Nordisk Award 2016 for his significant, original and internationally recognized work as a researcher for 30 years.

Work that has resulted in many lives saved, although Christian Torp-Pedersen has never laid eyes on the people he has saved. Christian Torp-Pedersen and his colleagues have studied and made recommendations on ACE inhibitors used to treat patients who have had blood clots in the heart.

- ACE inhibitors have been shown to have an enormous effect, and the three major studies we conducted are the basis for treatment with ACE inhibitors today being the routine treatment in health care, thus helping to save lots of lives, says Christian Torp-Pedersen, Professor in Cardiology and Clinical Epidemiology and Director of Aalborg University’s research group for Public Health & Epidemiology.

Throughout his research career, Christian Torp-Pedersen has coauthored more than 500 scientific articles published in the world's leading medical journals such as the New England Journal of Medicine and The Lancet. Highly respected by research colleagues worldwide, Christian Torp-Pedersen is one of the most frequently cited researchers in the world.

Happy on behalf of the field

The Novo Nordisk Award will be formally presented to Christian Torp-Pedersen on March 15; the award includes three million kroner, 2.5 million of which is to be used on research and 500,000 is designated for personal use. Christian Torp-Pedersen is obviously delighted to receive the prestigious award, but he is not only happy on his own behalf, but also on behalf of the epidemiological community. As a part of public health science, epidemiology deals with the occurrence and distribution diseases and other health conditions in groups of people and what affects this occurrence at the population level.

- I’m very happy and surprised to receive this award. One of the reasons for my surprise is that epidemiology is not normally ranked highly as a research field. So I’m very pleased that with this award epidemiology is getting such significant recognition, says Christian Torp-Pedersen, who also appreciates working with the next generation of researchers. He has served as a mentor and supervisor for over 30 PhD students.

Dean Lars Hvilsted Rasmussen of Aalborg University's Faculty of Medicine is delighted over this great honor for Christian Torp-Pedersen.

- We are very proud that one of the university's professors is being given this distinguished and prestigious recognition for his significant scientific work. Work that has helped to put Aalborg University's Faculty of Medicine and Denmark on the international research map. At Aalborg University we strive to help solve society's challenges, including those of the health sector. I am thus very pleased that Christian Torp-Pedersen has been able to find new and improved methods of treatment in the area of cardiovascular disease. Methods that have saved many lives for which he now deserves this honor, says Lars Hvilsted Rasmussen.


Born: 1950
Professor, Department of Health s´Science and Technology, Faculty of Medicine, Aalborg University.
Christian Torp-Pedersen is employed in an Obel professorship. He was brought to AAU with part of a 33 million kroner grant from the Obel Family Foundation (link: http://www.obel.com/).


The award is given in recognition of unique medical research or other research efforts that can benefit medicine. The award primarily recognizes Danish work. The award is given by the Novo Nordisk Awards Committee on the basis of proposals from previous award winners or the members of the awards committee.


Christian Torp-Pedersen, Professor, Mobile: +45 24 45 37 90, email: ctp@hst.aau.dk