Biomedical Engineering and Informatics Curriculum

Last modified: 30.05.2016

The Study Board for Health, Technology and Sports Science is reviewing the health technology-biomedical engineering and informatics curricula (bachelor’s and master’s). A working group has been established and a very interesting process has been planned with Professor Winnie Jensen as coordinator.

The process began with a workshop on April 29, 2016 that was attended by around 40 prospective employers, staff and students.  The workshop was designed to identify what a biomedical engineer from Aalborg University must be able to do in tomorrow’s labor market.

In six working groups the workshop addressed academic, general and personal competencies. Some of the important competencies mentioned were understanding clinical issues as a basis for technological development, understanding the potential of technological solutions in medical or clinical practice, and communication with doctors and other health professionals.  

The next step is a meeting between the working group and the board that, based on the workshop, will address how the competence profiles in the programs can be formulated.

Once competence profiles for the programs are determined, the task will be to formulate a curriculum that supports the required competence profile, substantively and structurally. New curricula are expected to take effect September 1, 2017.