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Departments at Aalborg UH commended for good study environment

Departments at Aalborg UH commended for good study environment

Aalborg University medical students in the second year of the master’s program have named four departments at the hospital as the best in clinical placements and teaching sites.

Last modified: 04.09.2015

The hope is that it this will spur the hospital's other specialties and departments to focus on the medical students’ learning.

- It is a way of thanking all the departments and teachers we’ve had in our first year of the master’s program. We have both shorter and longer courses around the specialties and we know well that it takes something extra to relate to us. But we benefit greatly from our clinical placements, so the award highlights that the effort made for us is very important, says Nanna Vestergaard Jensen.

On Friday, along with Hanna Bjarkhammer Poulsen and Sandra Ovesen, she went out to the four departments that were number 1 in their respective category.

Best clinical placement - surgery: Vascular Surgery
Best clinical placement - medicine: Nephrology
Best teaching - surgery: Heart-Lung Surgery
Best teaching - medicine Gastroenterology

Throughout the first year at the hospital (i.e. 7th and 8th semesters) the students did clinical placements in three medical and three surgical departments. In addition, they were in general practice for three weeks and in anesthesiology for two weeks. They also received training from eight internal medicine specialties and six surgical specialties.

- We completed an evaluation where we assess our teaching and clinical placements on a scale of 1-10. Many departments got top marks and were thus incredibly close to each other, but we needed a winner and we went out to those with a trophy and a certificate, says Hanna Bjarkhammer Poulsen.

The top 5 can be seen at http://medstudent.dk/karinger-2015-1-kandidatar-medicin/.

- The initiative is a new tradition that we hope will create a little friendly competition between the departments as well as motivate them to always put education high on the agenda throughout all of Aalborg University Hospital, says Sandra Ovesen.

The three representatives of the medical students say that the idea is inspired by "feedbacker of the month," an initiative in the Department of Infectious Disease Medicine where each month you honor the doctor who has been the best at providing feedback to junior doctors.

The initiative was created in conjunction with Medicinerrådet Aalborg who also has donated the trophies and certificates.

It will be repeated next year when the trophy is in play again.



Tom Buur, Clinical Associate Professor, Senior Physician, Nephrology, along with Karen Birch, Nurse, had several reasons to be glad that Nephrology won first place for best clinical placement - medicine. He is also semester coordinator for the students from Aalborg University, and in that role he praised the students. - It was our goal that after this year (7th and 8th semester) students can go out and function as substitutes in the departments. And I think that goal has been achieved. I’ve been a part of exams and I’m impressed by the level, he said to his colleagues during the awards ceremony.


Vascular Surgery

Heart-lung surgeons were proud recipients of the award for best teaching site among the hospital's surgical specialties.  – I’m pleased and proud that despite being busy we succeeded in providing good teaching. And it’s really nice having students – we’re a greater department when you’re here, said Professor Jan Jesper Andreasen (center, with certificate) to the three presenters. Benedict Kjærsgaard, Senior Physician, stands with the trophy (far right)