Planning of the new SUND faculty building is in full swing

Planning of the new SUND faculty building is in full swing

Last modified: 30.05.2016

The 25,500 square meter building is now designed on paper in a concept proposal. This means that the facilities are located in relation to each other and their size is determined. Program environments in different variations with both open and closed zones scattered throughout most of the building have been designed. Joint facilities such as lecture halls, seminar rooms and a cafeteria are centrally located and easily accessible. The adjoining building with Aalborg University Hospital has been determined and access to it is connected to SUND’s main entrance.                         

In March a steering committee meeting was held to approve the concept proposal. However, it was decided to delay the approval since issues such as landscaping and indoor climate need further elaboration. In addition, finances need to be further examined. One of the reasons for this is that, with the Danish Building and Property Agency's move to the Ministry of Transport, there are specific stricter requirements for financial management of building projects.

At the same time, Aalborg University wants to ensure that the consultant prepares savings measures even in this early stage of the planning. It is thus possible identify specific savings if finances do not hold later in the planning stage.

The are specific requirements for construction in conjunction with the North Denmark Region. This applies primarily to issues such as land purchase and preliminary agreements, the operating agreement between the university and the North Denmark Region as well as agreements on the establishment of external areas including access points and parking.

After the expected approval of the concept proposal in June the work moves into the project proposal stage. This stage will prepare the project for the tender stage. This means that the degree of detail in the layout and how each room in the building will be equipped are determined. Thus, both users and consultants will be busy with interesting and detailed work in the near future.