Prestigious prize awarded to professor from the Faculty of Medicin

Prestigious prize awarded to professor from the Faculty of Medicin

Professor and Head of research group Winnie Jensen from the Department of Health Science and Technology has been awarded the 2016 Vanførefonden (Danish Foundation for Physical Disability) Research Award.

Last modified: 01.06.2016

Along with the great honour of receiving the 2016 Vanførefonden Research Award, Professor Winnie Jensen can look forward to receiving the DKK 100,000 cash prize that comes along with it. The foundation gives the award to a researcher whose work has helped reduce the incidence of physical disability due to disease, congenital condition or injury.

The Head of Aalborg University’s Department of Health Science and Technology Kim Dremstrup has nominated Winnie Jensen for this award on the basis of the following arguments:

“Be it teaching, management or research, Professor Winnie Jensen is highly efficient and dedicated to all of her professional activities. With this, she has already made a significant difference throughout the course of her career, and I am certain that she will continue to do so. I am therefore convinced that Winnie Jensen is a highly worthy recipient of the 2016 Vanførefonden Research Award,” Kim Dremstrup says; and the award committee was in agreement.


Professor Winnie Jensen is very pleased to be acknowledged for her efforts. In addition to her position as professor, Winnie Jensen is also the head of the research interest group Neural Engineering and Neurophysiology, which comprises 17 researchers and lecturers.

“My goal is to help create a better quality of life in the everyday lives of people with physical disabilities. Therefore, the development of new implantable rehabilitation systems is among the focus areas of my research; and taking a brand new system from its research stage to its implementation into the real world, where an actual difference can be made, in particular calls for long-term efforts. I therefore regard the 2016 Vanførefonden Research Award as a great recognition of my work – and receiving this award helps me stay focused on the many challenges and new opportunities for helping people with physical disabilities,” says Winnie Jensen, who has been involved in research projects throughout her career totalling no less than DKK 150 million in research funding.


Professor Winnie Jensen has been in charge of two major EU projects, TIME and EPIONE, focusing on the treatment of phantom limb pain in amputees. EPIONE is still actively testing various methods for reducing phantom limb pain in amputees; pain that can be very intense and often significantly reduce the patients’ quality of life. The methods are tested by way of clinical trials conducted in laboratories at Aalborg University and Aalborg University Hospital, and the project still needs test subjects from the North Denmark region.

In addition to actively engaging in research projects, Winnie Jensen places great emphasis on the dissemination of her research to peers and the general public alike. Not only has she published more than 100 scientific articles and book contributions, she is also very active in communicating the importance of her research to a broad audience via the written press, radio and TV.


Vanførefonden (the Danish Disability Foundation) was established on 24 May 1955 by former Prime Minister Viggo Kampmann.

The foundation has always aimed to support rehabilitation, enhance the housing conditions of people with physical disabilities, enhance the mobility of people with physical disabilities, provide suitable holiday homes and community centres, support children’s and youth work and provide information on the problems faced by people with physical disabilities.

The foundation’s secretariat handles the day-to-day administration. Moreover, the foundation’s board comprises up to 12 members and its representative council comprises up to 100 members.